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What We Do

Masonry Services

  • Brick & Natural Stone Facades

  • Cast Stone & Cut Limestone Facades

  • Natural Stone & Brick Paver Patios

Management Services

  • Full Build-Outs of Commercial Spaces

  • Restaurant Build-Outs

  • Design Layouts & Drawings for Commercial Spaces

About Us


 BrickStrong was started by Joe Buccitti after 16 years of working and learning from his father, Tino, who has been mastering his craft for more than 40 years. Working together to this day, they continue to strive to deliver the best for their customers. Tino, having left his home in Italy as a teenager to come to America, began building his dream immediately. He wanted to start his own company and become known for excellent quality work. After working for family for only a few years, he did just that, opening his own company and building a reputation for his passion, creativity, and his high quality work. Joe, having learned construction from his father, went to school to learn more about business and construction, taking courses such as architectural drafting and construction means & methods.  The combination of extensive experience, passion to always learn & grow, and dedication to  our customers are what set us apart.

Our goal is to always provide the highest quality work possible. When installing masonry on a home or building, we make sure to find the best materials, use the best practices, and offer the best solutions for a beautiful, long-lasting finish. We have installed brick & stone on some of the most prestigious homes along the North Shore and South Shore of Long Island. 

When acting as Construction Managers to build-out commercial spaces, we dedicate ourselves to delivering the most functional space possible. Often designing the space ourselves, we take on much of the work directly to ensure high quality and fast delivery. We will also subcontract portions of the project, such as mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and roofing. We stay committed to the needs of our customer from the pre-construction phase through to after the project is complete and the doors are open.


Past Masonry Installations

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